CAS Ruling: Guardiola Fires Back at Rival Managers

Pep Guardiola

The fallout from the Court of Arbitration of Sport’s decision to overrule UEFA’s ruling to ban Manchester City from European football for two years rumbled on as City boss, Pep Guardiola went on an incredible rant taking aim at eight Premier League clubs, Arsene Wenger and even Sir Alex Ferguson.

On Tuesday evening, in a press conference, Guardiola took aim at the eight Premier League clubs who urged CAS to take action before the resumption of next season’s Champions League.

Recall that the CAS’s decision to lift Man city’s European ban didn’t go down too well with rival managers.

Tottenham’s Jose Mourinho didn’t hold back and called the verdict “disgraceful.”

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp echoed those thoughts claiming it was a “bad day for football.”

Pep Guardiola soon responded with some fairly measured quotes.

“The first point, for all these clubs — Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Wolves, Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool, Liverpool!, Burnley… I understand they want the five positions for the Champions League,” Guardiola began.

“I can understand. What they ask is that they didn’t want us to delay the process for the next season, so we could play in the Champions League. (But) we were so clear, we said, ‘Yeah, we completely agree with you, eight clubs, we want the resolution from CAS as soon as possible to clarify this.’

He then hit out at United for spending a lot of money in recent years, pipping them to the signings of Harry Maguire and Alexis Sanchez.

“We have a lot of money, but we wanted Alexis Sanchez and we could not afford it. We wanted Harry Maguire and we could not afford it. We could not pay like United paid. “So we have money, but the other clubs have money too.

Next in the firing line was Arsene Wenger…

“We spend in the last decade more than we did in the past, yes, but 20, 25, 30 years ago, Arsene Wenger — the guy who defends perfectly Financial Fair Play… so Arsene, you know that Manchester City was correct with what we have done — spent a lot of money to be there.”

Next up was Sir Alex Ferguson…

“United with Sir Alex Ferguson spent a lot of money to be there. All the clubs, if you want to be on top, all the clubs (spend); if you don’t, it’s more difficult.”

He then defended his ability to be a good manager but admitted he needs good – and expensive players.

“Because being a good manager, like I am, I’m not good enough without good players. No way. I am humble enough to accept that without my players I am nothing, zero, that’s why I need my players, and for that I need clubs who are financially strong — like a lot of clubs — to do it.”

Finally, Guardiola was asked specifically about the comments from Mourinho and Klopp to which he replied:

“All I say is that all of them (have) their opinions, for Jurgen and Jose, but I tell Jose and Jurgen that today was a good day for football. A very good day. It was clear what happened. And that’s nice.”


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