COVID-19: Jack Ma donates millions of medical equipments to Nigeria

Chinese Billionaire, Alibaba Founder, Jack Ma

Chinese Billionaire, Jack Ma has donated millions of medical equipment to Nigeria to assist in the country’s fight against the spread of COVID-19.

The medical supplies landed in Lagos on Tuesday afternoon via an Ethiopian Airlines flight.

The shipment included 5.4 million face masks, 1.08 million detection tests kits, 40,000 sets of protective clothing and 60,000 sets of protective face shields.

Ma had earlier donated millions of medical equipments to the US, Italy and many other countries battling with the virus.

General Manager, Ethiopian Airlines office in Nigeria, Firihiewot Mekonnens appreciated the donation of the Jack Ma Foundation and commended the personal generosity of the Chinese business magnate.

“We admire Abiy Ahmed, our Prime Minister, for his initiative and organisation of the entire coordination of the process,

“we are very happy to deliver these medical supplies to the Government and people of Nigeria.” Mekonnens said.

Philanthropist like Aliko Dangote, who pledged to donate N200 million, have also assisted the country in the fight against coronavirus.

Below are pictures of the equipment;


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