Opinion: N36M for Snake, N36M for 2 Toilets; This Is An Interesting Fact You Must Know

Madam Provost

If you are reading the News for the first time, the Provost of Delta State College of Education, Warri, Mary Edema, is currently enmeshed in an alleged fraud of spending a whopping sum of N36M to build 2 Toilets for the institution! The money was said to have been released to the the institution as part of the N75m “intervention fund” made available by TETFUND for the college.

Having gotten the money, Madam Provost concluded everything with the contractors before going into the bidding process. She connived with the contractors to construct modern lavatory for male and female students block ‘A and B”. be Now, to perfect her tracks very well, she singlehandedly brought the 2 companies namely Awaguma Nigeria Limited and Henag Nigeria Limited.

In a memo with reference number TETF/ES/COE/AL.2017/VOL.XVII, each of the toilet block gulped N17, 135, 871 while N2,593,459 went for consultancy. Check out the details how she spent the money below:

Source: Saharareporters

A source in the institution revealed that: “The arrangement to build the two toilets for N17, 135, 871 each and N2,593,459 consultancy was made between the provost and the two contractors she brought in. Corruption and fraudulent practices have become part of the school. The institution has corruption in its DNA.”

However, when Madam Provost was contacted, she maintained that due process was followed as far as the project is concerned. So, that means spending N36M over 2 public toilets is justifiable by her. This is highly ridiculous for her ‘due process’!

The interesting fact……

What A man Can Do, A Woman Can Do Better. In another words, if women what to be good they will be, and they also be worst extremely. Read why below:

Do you remember the woman, a JAMB staff from Benue State who stole N36M but shockingly accused a snake of swallowing N36M under her watch. This was the most embarrassing moment ever witnessed in this country I must confess to you! This is a laughable corrupt practice ever perpetrated by a woman!

Here is another shocking one perpetrated by Madam Provost of Delta State College of Education who built just 2 public Toilets with N36M after following her ‘due process’. She failed woefully to generate money to build toilets for students but knew how to lavish intervention funds given to the institution by TETFUND!

What a coincidence! N36M for snake, N36M for 2 Toilets only by Women!

2 Madam’s: Jamb Staff & Provost

I keep saying this..women are worse with money and power than men. Remember Margaret Thatcher, Patricia Etteh, Stella Oduah, Diezani Allison-Madueke and so on. God has a reason for restricting women to certain things and history has not really proven us wrong at all!

I am not saying men are not corrupt. Of course, they do! But my point is women are so much corrupt in Nigeria. The way and manner they is steal is highly ridiculous. For instance, Diezani Allison-Madueke, who has been on the run with the fears of being investigated, only God knows the billions of Dollars she would have stolen as a Minister of Petroleum Resources!

Most of the money being stolen by women is far bigger than that of the men if given opportunity to to head a position. Most of the projects are usually rubbish with big money.How can you use N36million to build two toilets or like a snake swallowed N36million?

So the 2 Toilets should have been one of the most expensive toilets only to be compared to those of the Arab Sheikhs of the Middle East! Ridiculous to say, I can see Air Conditioners and very expensive materials used. Madam Provost might even be in debt. What a woman, such an embodiment of womanness!

This is N36Million Toilet

On a final note:

The entire system is corrupt, not just politicians. My question is why do we always blame ALL these issues on the President, knowing fully well that he can’t lock people up just because it’s the right thing to do? Sincerely yours, our problems get several dimensions. Nigeria is indeed in trouble of being HOLLOWED out of substance.

I still ask the question again: Who is not a thief in this country? We use to insult and rain curses on politicians in government for our woes, but many of us are much worse than the government!


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