Protesters Lay Siege on Oriental Hotel


The End SARS protests are definitely taking a different and more sophisticated dimension as Protesters have resorted to usingunconventional means to pass their messages across to the powers that be. Having positioned themselves at Lekki Toll gate for days now and causing serious traffic, the protesters have chosen to directly lay siege on structures that are reportedly owned by high ranking politicians in the country.

One of such structures is the Oriental Hotel which is allegedly owned by the former governor of Lagos State and a chieftain of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The protesters made a projected reflection of the official sign of the End SARS protests on the Oriental Hotel in Lagos, making it look like the hotel is in support of the EndSars Protests.

All through the protests, the protesters have used unconventional means to make sure the Protests stay alive. For one, most protesters brought dogs into the protest grounds to war off thugs and police officers.

Apart from that, private bodyguards were also contracted to make sure that the protesters are not harassed by thugs. Now they are using the reported hotel of the most powerful man in Lagos State, Tinubu, to pass their End SARS message.


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