Women no longer have to fake orgasms – Freda Francis


For women who fake orgasms, they may not have to do that anymore. Socialite and aesthetics specialist, Freda Francis, says she can help them tighten their genitals.

On how she intends to help women get tighter under, the CEO of Oasis Medspa said, “We have a treatment called thermiva which rejuvenates the vagina. It is the number one process of its kind in the world and it has no side-effects. It tightens the internal and external parts of the structure. It is a device that uses radio frequency and a probe to carry out the treatment. And you begin to see improvements immediately. A lot of women have told me that they have never had orgasms and that their vaginas are dry. I got the idea for that after I had my baby. I had discussions with other new mothers and they said they had vagina leakages and things like that. However, thermiva tightens the vagina and makes sex more enjoyable. So, women don’t have to fake orgasms anymore. Meanwhile, we are the only ones offering this treatment in Nigeria.”

Speaking on what led to the creation of the spa, she said, “I have always been very passionate about skincare, and that was why I decided to establish a spa. I am happy that we have been doing well. We recently won two awards – the Most Innovative Spa of the Year 2019 by the Travel and Hospitality Award, and the World Luxury Spa Award. Oasis is for everybody. Some people say we are expensive, but we are actually affordable. We also have another new product called Dermalux that is specially made for people of colour. The reason some people use certain products and it doesn’t work for them is because they were not created for black skin. We have a wide range of products that can be of tremendous help to people of colour.”

Revealing how she deals with cyber bullying, Francis said, “Silence is golden. I try not to pay attention to negative things because I’m always in a positive state of mind. Whatever anyone says never bothers me.”

Freda also explained that contrary to what many think, she was not a ‘slay mama’. She said, “I am in a world of my own focusing on my business; I am not a slay mama.”


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